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We currently have three titles at various stages of completion. Our first game, "Ratfink: Scurry & Scamper", is a trick-taking, action card hybrid that will hopefully be released on KickStarter in early 2019. We have playtested this game for over 2 years at several Cons and local events as well as weekly playtesting in-house and everyone has been having a blast with this game! "Motif" is a heavier crunchy Euro game based on music theory with worker placement, area control and set collection. Our newest title, "Ratfink: Escape Claws", returns to the dirty rat world of Ratfink but this time as a co-operative, push-your-luck dice roller.

"Ratfink: Scurry & Scamper" is a trick-taking, take-that action card game set in the walls & countertops of your house. Players are rats scurrying & scampering to amass the largest cheese hoard, while trying to stick their fellow rats with the biggest pile of traps (Finks)! Players battle over 7 rounds to win tricks & earn cheese. The winner is whoever has the fewest Finks by the final round. Fan/Rate Ratfink: Scurry & Scamper on BGG (Learn More)

Motif is a heavy Euro-style worker placement game that focuses on set collection, area control and fulfilling hidden goals to achieve victory. Players are musicians at the prestigious Powell School of Music; learning and practicing music theory while building their repertoire of chords and pieces of music to perform in the year end recital. The student who practices the hardest, learns the most music and is able to out perform the other musicians at the recital will earn the coveted audition slot for a chance to join the Kowalski Grand Philharmonic Orchestra! Over 2 Semesters players choose which aspects of music theory to use each turn as their actions to complete Chords & Scales, learn Melodies & earn Rehearsal Points. No musical skill or knowledge required to play. (Learn More)

"Ratfink: Escape Claws" is our 2nd game set in the Ratfink universe where stealing cheese and avoiding Finks (traps) is a way of life. You and your fellow rats must push your luck cooperatively to try and explore a safe path across the maze in the belly of Castle Catburglen before Claws the Cat catches you! Roll special custom dice to explore new maze tiles, rotate them to find safe passage, distract the cat, gain cheese and scurry forward if you dare but watch out for the traps known as Finks! (Learn More)

About Us

Originally our company was formed in 2001 to try and bring more of the tabletop gaming experience into the digital realm. Two of our original team, Dawson Cowals and Joe Mistachkin, were software engineers and at the time we were focused on bringing board games to the computer. Ironically 17 years later after a lot of life and delays in the middle we have now come full circle and are back to actually developing board games to bring to your table instead of laptop or mobile device.

Our two main in-house designers and founding partners are Jeff Huit and Dawson Cowals. Dawson also handles most of the graphic design and illustration work for our games that isn't hired out to additional artists. We are also currently collaborating with some additional designers on some of our games that we hope to release in the near future.

Dawson Cowals at Rose City Comic Con 2017

Why "Cohort VIII"?

Since our company was formed primarily to develop stategy and tactical games based on tabletop and wargaming scenarios, we decided to use a Roman theme. After all, Rome and its armies are one of the richest sources for military history that a gamer can draw upon.

Choosing specifically the Eighth Cohort for our name came from several factors, one of which was an article that mentioned an inscribed legionary building stone found near the Roman fort at Carriden in Scotland. The stone was engraved with:
or "The Eighth Cohort, century of Stateles."

Another somewhat tenuous factor in choosing Cohort VIII for our name, was that Jeff Huit's last name means "eight" in French. Plus we both seemed to like having a roman numeral in the company name. Perhaps these were thin threads upon which to hang our decision, but once the name was conjoined with the soldier silhouette logo, it stuck.

Old Logo

Our old logo featured a marching Roman soldier silhouette that implied an unbroken line of soldiers front and back. When we first began the company we were more focused on tactical and strategy games so this made sense. Now that we've moved away from that initial focus and are making more family-friendly and crunchy Euro games we needed something that wouldn't lead people to think we solely made historical war games.

Old marching soldier silhouette logo

New Logo

With our new logo we wanted to maintain our connection with the Roman numeral VIII but move away from a war game look. Hence the new d12 with Roman numerals on the faces.

New Roman numeral d12 logo

Event Schedule

We are tentatively planning on attending Emerald City Comic Con
Seattle, WA March 14-17, 2019
Stay tuned for updates.

We will be attending Gamestorm 21
Portland, OR March 28-31, 2019

We will be attending the first ever Stumptown Game Summit
Portland, OR May 18, 2019

We will most likely be back to Rose City Comic Con for our 4th year!
Portland, OR September 13-15, 2019

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