Scurry & Scamper

Scurry & Scamper

Game Designed by Dawson Cowals, Jeff Huit & Joe Mistachkin
Art by Dawson Cowals & Alicia Volkman

Rats scurrying to collect the most cheese while avoiding the dreaded Fink traps in a chaotic trick-taking game with pre and post-hand actions!

  • Players: 2-6
  • Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Ages: 14+
  • Trick-Taking
  • Hand Management
  • Light Take-That
  • Rat & Cheese Puns
  • Themed Suit Cards
If you are interested in a demo or playing a full game we host games on Tabletop Simulator. Simply reach out to us on social media and we can arrange a play time.
You approach the hole in the wall with caution. You sniff the air. The smell of sharp cheddar perfectly aged wafts its way to you from the open pantry door. Your belly rumbles. Your mouth waters. You can almost taste the crumbly, cheesy goodness. You step forward closer to the hole...but wait! Was that the sound of the cat sharpening its claws on the linoleum?

Scurry & Scamper is a chaotic trick-taking game based on an obscure variant of Whist called Knockout Whist. Added to the trick-taking core are pre and post-hand actions allowing you to manipulate the hand in your favor or twist the outcome afterwards. Players are rats trying to collect the largest cheese hoard, while sticking their fellow rats with the biggest pile of Fink Traps.

Players win cheese tokens by winning tricks of cards, and gain Finks by failing to take any tricks. There is some minor take-that where players can steal cheese or give away Finks. However, in most cases these can be blocked or the attacker must pay the opponent to use the card. Surviving the back-and-forth of rats backstabbing each other over cheese is key. Whoever has the least Finks wins!

Can you out-fink your fellow rats and scamper off with the most cheese?


We are currently finishing updates to the rulebook in preparation for blind playtesting and getting review copies ready to send to reviewers. We hope to launch on crowdfunding later this year. You can sign up to be notified when we are closer to a launch date.