Culture of Grace

Culture of Grace

Game Designed by Dawson Cowals
Art by Dawson Cowals & Sydney Absher

A light worker-placement game with custom dice and a semi-cooperative element encouraging players to assist each other in completing goals. Built around a community church helping their neighbors.

  • Players: 2-6
  • Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Ages: 14+
  • Worker Placement
  • Custom Dice
  • Semi-Cooperative
If you are interested in a demo or playing a full game we host games on Tabletop Simulator. Simply reach out to us on social media and we can arrange a play time.
Disclaimer: This game was requested as a teaching tool to help interns at our local church, Grace Community Church in Sarasota, Florida. So the intended audience is for interns and others on staff or who attend the church to learn the culture points that drive the church mission to be intentional neighbors who reflect Christ in the community.

Over a series of rounds you will roll Culture and Prayer dice to then work to complete various action cards that are real-world examples of needs, prayer requests, scripture, staffing and outreach opportunities within the church and community.

Players need to work together to help get enough volunteers to complete various actions. Those who assist advance on the Servant track. Once three main Ministry Goal cards are completed the game ends and players add up how far they advanced on several tracks: Prayer, Scripture, Teamwork, Neighbor and Servant.

Our hope in playing is that this will be more than just a game and that you will take the opportunity while playing to actually pray for the various Prayer Requests (which are based on actual needs), and learn some of the Scripture passages.


We are currently running playtests of the game in our local community. This game will likely not ever see a wide release, but may be made available to other members of the church if enough interest is shown. For now copies are just intended for use in helping to teach those involved in the church internship program. You can sign up to be notified of updates to our other games.